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Bed Bath & Beyond


Bed Bath & Beyond wanted to market its Wamsutta PimaCott sheets as part of a brand new bedding collection. We developed the name of the collection, "The Perfect Bed", and supported it with a number of digital and in-store executions. Fun fact: We won this assignment after we impressed Bed Bath with the work we did for their cotton supplier, PimaCott


:30 Video


A primary :30 introduces The Perfect Bed collection and explains the Wamsutta PimaCott difference.


:30 Video - "The Perfect Moments Remix"

More than perfect Wamsutta PimaCott sheets, The Perfect Bed is about perfect moments. We've compiled four of them in this charming and upbeat :30.


:10 Pre-Roll - "Four Perfect Moments"


To present The Perfect Bed in social media and pre-roll, we gave each "Perfect Bed moment" its own :10 video. Great for short attention spans and small production budgets! 


:15 Social Video - "Stop Motion"

Illustrates The Perfect Bed's mix-and-match possibilities all without a VO, making it perfect for mobile viewing and social media. 




Influencers share how they make their own Perfect Bed with #myperfectbed. Here, Padma Lakshmi from "Top Chef" shares her Perfect Food Coma Bed.


Celebrities and everyday people alike share their #restingperfectface, as seen on Chrissy Teigen below. This is a cool play on "resting bitch face," a pop culture phrase that is very du moment.



Partner with Airbnb to give away 2 free nights at a Perfect Bed property. This promotion turns The Perfect Bed into the perfect destination.




Photography from The Perfect Bed videos adorn the cover of the famous Bed Bath & Beyond circular.

Perfect Bed Circular Cover.png

Bold signage catches the eye across the aisle and tells shoppers everything they need to know at shelf.


A life-size interactive kiosk helps shoppers select the sheets, duvets, and pillows to make their own Perfect Bed. When not in use, it acts as a video billboard, playing Perfect Bed videos on loop.

Perfect Bed_kiosk.png

The Perfect Bed display becomes an instant in-store photobooth courtesy of a camera positioned near it. Shoppers can climb in, strike the perfect pose, and share the moment with #myperfectbed.

Perfect Bed_photobooth.png

A fun parking sign announces The Perfect Bed in prime locations from the parking lot

Perfect Bed_parking sign.png


Art Director: Kali Winkler

Agency Producer: Dave Maloney

Director/Photographer: Chris Baker