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HomeGrown Cotton


HomeGrown Cotton is 100% American cotton grown by family farmers on US soil. It's authentic. It's patriotic. It's darn good. We expressed this spirit in identity and packaging along with a cotton-spangled website. Fun fact: This site won an ACE Award for "Best Website."



We built this bad boy from the ground up: strategy, content, design, UX, SEO-savvy copywriting, and even an Arkansas photoshoot. See the site at homegrowncotton.us


Brand Video

HomeGrown Cotton would be nothing without the hard-working family farmers who grow it. So when the brand asked us to make a brand video, we knew we had to make them the stars of the show. Shot on location in Monette, Arkansas.


Package Design

For HomeGrown Cotton's first product partner (Heartland sheets, a Bed Bath & Beyond brand), our package design conveyed the brand's Americana sensibility while maintaining a clear hierarchy of information.



Art Director: Kali Winkler

Director/Editor: Dave Maloney

UX: Suzanne Ackerman